Battle of the senses

Agfa Graphics

Wondrous combination.

Wondrous combination.


Champagne and chocolate.

At first glance these two delicacies have not a single thing in common. That’s until they are both given the starring role in a cookbook, containing 52 unique recipes. Battle of the Senses is a delight for gourmets and fans of exclusive and tactile printing. The dishes truly come to live. The collaboration between Agfa Graphics and Mathildestudios has resulted in a top project that was commented on with boundless enthusiasm by Frank Romano, a world famous printing expert.

Agfa Graphics VIP calendar and MIP box.

Creating the VIP calendar for Agfa Graphics, an international player in the field of analogue and digital graphic products, software and inkjet systems has been a recurrent activity in our agenda for years now. In 2019 we decided to go the extra mile and created the MIP box, short for Most Important Persons Box, an exclusive gift for Agfa Graphics’ most important contacts. The box comprises the VIP calendar and the book, a solid book of sleek contemporary design combined with the latest graphic technology. Mathildestudios at its best.

"Project management requires good partners."

Nice collaboration.

We linked a website to the book, so that you too can enjoy fine dishes. On Battle of the senses you will find all recipes with photos to dream away. In the following video, world-renowned print expert Frank Romano tells what he thinks about Battle of the senses.

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