Annual Report 2019


Digits brought with style.

Digits brought with style.


Extensive annual report, quick processing.

VRT’s annual report, with its 180 pages, is quite an extensive document, to say the least. The VRT provided us with the source material, in order to turn it into a coherent, clear and attractive book. Right up our alley. Wonder what the result looks like? Find out here.

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The VRT chooses Mathildestudios as well.

The VRT needs little or no introduction and they have put their trust in Mathildestudios to style their annual report. A challenging job we have aced multiple times.

“The public broadcaster wants to inform, inspire and connect the Flemish people.”
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Assistance at the press.

Our expertise in assisting in the efficient and high-quality making of printed matter can be of vital importance. Especially if the customer is set on guarding his corporate style. Our long-standing experience helped us make the correct translation of the specific corporate style colours onto the printing press.

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