Daniël Ost: The Master

Daniël Ost

A successful career captured on paper.

A successful career captured on paper.


Daniël Ost: the master in floral design.

Daniël Ost is a world authority on floral design. Over forty years ago he started a flower shop in Sint-Niklaas. Since then, he and his team have travelled the world for his exclusive projects. His work has earned him the Order of the Rising Sun, the most prestigious order in Japan. High time to capture this successful career.

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Picture of serene beauty.

The book emanates a serene beauty of exclusive floral art. Daniël asked us to pay particular attention to the lithography. We were given a selection of images on various media: 35 mm, 4x5 inch slides, prints on paper, digital images … and our task consisted of turning these images into one coherent whole. In order to achieve this, we applied a revolutionary screening technology and combined this with high pigment inks. This has resulted in reproductions that really stand out.

“The book had to emphasise the serene beauty of floral design.”
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A collector’s item.

With only 200 copies printed, Daniël Ost: The Master is a true collector’s item. Every book is numbered and autographed. This exquisitely bound sumo-book renders homage to the career of the number one in floral art. The book was also published under the title Mastery and it is a true feast for the eyes.

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