Joris Rosschaert

Digital media

“He who stays in the valley, will never see the other side of the mountain.”

Screen printing snowboarder

Become a cameraman or a sportsman! Call me a bit naive, but sometimes you need to make a detour to find the right direction. After a couple of winter seasons it was time to grow up.

I met Laurien and we soon discovered we had a hobby in common: screen printing. After a short stint as a mailman, Rudy and Laurien gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons by asking me to join them at Mathildestudios. Learning new things is important to me so I was happy to take them up on their challenging offer.

"Of all things, simplicity is the hardest to be copied."

Encoding skills

I discovered a new passion while working at the studio: building websites. I love doing that ánd I’m good at it. Learning more? Yes please, because when you stand still, you fall behind and there are always new things to discover in the wide world of the internet. Building websites is very satisfying though screen printing remains an attractive trade. I consider the combination of both platforms (digital and analogue) a real added value for our customers.

Sports and vegetable plots

During my spare time I spend a lot of energy doing sports. Swimming being a firm favourite I love to do those boring laps over and over again. In addition to my love of sports, I enjoy growing fruit and veg in my garden. As a staunch vegan watching a seed turn into crop is very satisfying. For someone who is hungry 24/7, getting an edible reward is a victory in itself.

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