Laurien Van Hoey

Art Director

“Beauty is the most important side issue in life.”

Graphic blood

I am living proof that graphic blood is thicker than water. Even though I wanted to be a vet when I grew up. As a vegan I love all animal life. I dream of running my own dog rescue. Human and animal welfare are very high on my list of priorities.

“Tinkering is the most underrated part of a creative process.”

Amsterdam’s museum quarter

In my spare time I love to look for inspiration. That’s a hobby I can really use in my design job. My favourite way to relax is spending my Sundays in Amsterdam. There you can often find us in the museum quarter. Both Joris and I love the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.


As my dad has always worked in the graphic branch, I’ve been dabbling in design and aesthetic from a very young age. Roughly around the same time I finished school, my dad started the studio. He advised me, however, to get my first work experience elsewhere. So after I had worked a couple of years at a fashion retailer, I got the opportunity to start in the studio. I can’t tell you enough how fabulous it is to be able to share our passion on a daily basis. Our father-daughter brainstorming sessions always result in something nice.

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